• Chardonnay

    • DrakesBrook Chardonnay

      Bottle- $29.50 ; Glass- $7.50

      Wine from Peel region of WA. Fresh and zesty on the palate with vibrant fruit, slightly wooded

    • Jacobs Creek Chardonnay

      Bottle-$26.00 ; Glass- $7.00

      Aromatic and fresh. Stone fruits, honeydew melon and citrus aromas combine with a subtle oak influence that imparts a light toasty, spicy background. Great with chicken Tikka Masala

    • Goundrey Unwooded Chardonnay (WA)

      Bottle- $26.00 ; Glass- $7.00

      Flavours of pineapple, peach and fresh melon will melt in your mouth Vibrant style without the use of oak

    • Evans and Tata Metricup Chardonnay (Margret River WA)

      Bottle- $34.50 ; Glass- $8.50

      Medium bodied wine with stone fruit and citrus flavours, subtle spicy oak and clean, crisp finish. Good with any Tandoor over food and mild chicken dishes

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