Yogi (yo-ge) – an individual who has spent years in isolated retreat practicing secret self-transforming via physical and metal exercises and through these techniques has developed extraordinary control over both mind and body. The word is also used to refer to ascetic practitioners of meditation in a number of South Asian religions including Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Yogi Indian Restaurant is a purveyor of fine Indian cuisine and has travelled far and wide across India to bring you the best of what the land of India has to offer. We remain true to the flavours and techniques of the subcontinent and offer you a glimpse into traditional Indian dishes from right across the region. Yogi Indian Restaurant revisits the most typical Indian recipes, recreating the hundreds of years of flavours and subcultures that influence the dishes of this extraordinary country.

Yogi Contemporary Indian Restaurant encompasses a wide variety of regional dishes native to India. Infused with the perfect balance of spices and cooking techniques the dishes are simply mouth watering and authentic in taste and texture.

Yogi’s bring you the aromatic and delicious butter chicken (mild), cooked in a tomato and creamy gravy. Added with mustard seeds and fresh curry leaves is the Chicken Chettinad and tender chicken tikka pieces prepared in a masala sauce is the Chicken Tikka Masala, an all time favorite.

There are a wide range of liquors starting with white and red wines along with beers, cocktails and chardonnay for a perfect celebration of time. At Yogi we also care for the vegetarians and so we offer fresh soups, paneer variants and potato items. Most of our dishes are glutten free and we cook separately and with care for persons who are prone to allergy.